Shoes, accessories and stands


Accessories are one of the most important indicators of
a doll’s quality. They ideally should match the doll in size, color, shape, epoch, and level of stylization. Such ready accessories are practically impossible to find, which is why I always make them myself. In this part of the book I describe in detail the process of creating accessories from leather, fabric, polymer clay, beads, stones, etc. The photos and videos illustrate well how to make a bag, shoes, a dog, flowers, rings, and earrings. You will also learn how to imitate metal, porcelain, and other materials. In this part of the book I share many unusual technical solutions and I give a detailed description of the many kinds of materials I use to make accessories.
The second section of this volume of the book is about making the stands:

  • from what materials you can make it, what paint to use for it, and how to join different materials
  • how to make the stand a part of the entire composition
  • how to make the stand stable and how to set the doll firmly onto it

The book will be published soon If you want to know first
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