First and second book with discount


Buy the first and the second E-book together and get a discount! The price of both volumes – $ 79 (instead of 90).
First Volume:
340 photos and 4 videos demonstrate all the stages of sculpting. In this part I explain how to sculpt three different heads – a classical girl, an old character woman, and a sad troll – in three different ways. The heads themselves are roughly the same in terms of complexity, but the sculpting principles are different. The first head is sculptured using a classical technique, which is the most complicated. To sculpture the two other heads, I recommend techniques that will make your work much easier. All videos were shot in one take, without editing, so there are no jarring transitions from barely-sketched details to complete dolls. You will see how it’s all done in real life. Since proportions cause the greatest difficulties for beginning doll-makers (especially those who have no formal art education), I have developed a special modular system. Using this system makes working on proportions easy and clear.

Second Volume:
In this part I’ll teach you to sculpt hands and feet for a young woman, an old woman, and a troll: realistic, character, and grotesque. You will learn to sculpt bare feet and shoes from polymer clay, imitating different textures ranging from leather to embroidery.

Price: $90 $79

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