This part of the book, illustrated with detailed photos and videos, describes the process of painting a doll with different kinds of paint: oil paint, heat set paint Genesis, and pastels. Special attention is paid to painting eyes.
In addition, you will learn:

  • about the peculiarities of applying these types of paint on polymer clay
  • how to fixate paint
  • how to bake paint
  • what paintbrushes, paint thinners, varnishes, and paint mediums to use
  • how to match painting of your doll’s face to the general color scheme of the doll
  • Painting the skin
  • Painting the eyes and lips
  • Painting hands
  • Painting the shoes
  • Painting with pastels
  • Covering the doll with varnish
  • A particular chapter is devoted to finding and correcting mistakes in your work

You can download the first chapter of the book for free Click here

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