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This comprehensive, 200-hour e-book course brings together all my decades of experience to teach you everything I know about the art of dollmaking. Once you complete the course, you won’t just be able to copy my pre-existing dolls—you’ll be able to create stunning, artistic, lifelike dolls of your very own design.

First Volume:

340 photos and 4 videos demonstrate all the stages of sculpting. In this part I explain how to sculpt three different heads – a classical girl, an old character woman, and a sad troll – in three different ways. The heads themselves are roughly the same in terms of complexity, but the sculpting principles are different. The first head is sculptured using a classical technique, which is the most complicated. To sculpture the two other heads, I recommend techniques that will make your work much easier. All videos were shot in one take, without editing, so there are no jarring transitions from barely-sketched details to complete dolls. You will see how it’s all done in real life. Since proportions cause the greatest difficulties for beginning doll-makers (especially those who have no formal art education), I have developed a special modular system. Using this system makes working on proportions easy and clear.

Second Volume:
In this part I’ll teach you to sculpt hands and feet for a young woman, an old woman, and a troll: realistic, character, and grotesque. You will learn to sculpt bare feet and shoes from polymer clay, imitating different textures ranging from leather to embroidery.

Third Volume:
This part of the book, illustrated with detailed photos and videos, describes the process of painting a doll with different kinds of paint: oil paint, heat set paint Genesis, and pastels. Special attention is paid to painting eyes.

Fourth Volume:
Part I: Describes in detail the process of making the doll’s body: how to find the right proportions, how different the proportions of a realistic, character-based, grotesque, and stylised doll are, what are the ways of creating the body volume.
Part II:  is devoted to wigs and different materials for them: hair, fur, paper-mâché, wool, thread, and more.

Fifth Volume
In this part I demonstrate working on different types of costumes for your doll: realistic and fantastical, modern and historical, simple and complex. I didn’t leave out underwear either: I explain, for example, how to make an 18th-century corset and pannier. You’ll see how the color and shape of the outfit can express the idea of the doll.

Sixth volume
The sixth volume of my full course Private Lessons is devoted to additional elements of a doll composition, in particular, accessories and stands.
This volume contains 621 step-by-step photos.




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    5 out of 5


    Thank you Elena. I have all your books now. You do a tremendous job and I especially appreciate the history lessons you add to your books to give more background. Thank you for your hard work–

    5 out of 5


    Dear Elena. I’m honored to be learning from you. You are an outstanding artist and teacher. Every detail is included. Your books are the best I have come across. Thank you so much for all your hard work and love for this art. (you are right it’s like you gave birth to this book, LOL) There is nothing in your books not to love. I’m sure that all readers will feel the same as I do. You are amazing. Wishing you all the best my dear. xoxoxo

    5 out of 5


    I purchased your book…. I started to go through them and I am absolutely thrilled. I have been creating dolls for a long time and always want to learn more. These are wonderful! Thank you so very much for sharing your expertise! I love the “Coffee Breaks” wish I could sit down and enjoy a cup with you!
    Thank you again!

    5 out of 5


    I already know I will be so in love with your books.. thank you so much for sharing your experience. I shall reap every benefit from your great masterpiece!



    “Thank you Elena for your wonderful books! I tried making a clay doll before, but with not much luck:))) After working with your tutorials, my doll improved dramatically. I hope to send you pictures of my works soon. Thank you again.”

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