Part 4 Body and wig

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Here I describe in detail the process of making the doll’s body: how to find the right proportions, how different the proportions of a realistic, character-based, grotesque, and stylized doll are, and what are the ways of creating the body volume. In addition, you will learn:

  • how to make a wire armature for a doll
  • how to connect sculpted elements to the cloth body
  • what materials and what glue to use for the body
  • how to put the body into the desired pose
  • how to make elbows and knees
  • how to make the figure balanced so it can stand on its own without support

The second section of this volume is devoted to wigs and different materials for them: hair, fur, paper-mâché, wool, thread, and more. I give a detailed description, using many illustrations, of:

  • ways of dying wool, fur, and hair
  • ways of attaching hair to polymer clay, before and after baking
  • ways of making a doll’s hairdo and fixing hair
  • the particular chapter is devoted to finding and correcting mistakes in your work.
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