Part 6 Accessories and Stands

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The sixth volume of my full course Private Lessons is devoted to additional elements of a doll composition, in particular, accessories and stands.

They are very important components of a doll image since they largely determine its quality. Accessories are the very thing that can help to accurately determine the total artistic level of a work. They must match the doll in size, color, texture, style, stylization degree, etc. It is extremely difficult to buy an ideal accessory for an art doll. It is much easier and more interesting to make it yourself.

The world of doll items is as vast and varied as the world of human things. They can be also made from various materials, both ordinary and bizarre. To achieve a particular effect, these materials can be processed in dozens of different ways, each of which has its own technology. It is obvious that the theme of accessories is inexhaustible; therefore, it has been quite difficult for me to select the materials and techniques to be included in this volume.

I have tried to select the accessories so that to provide as much information as possible on working with various materials (polymer clay, paper-mâché, fabric paint, acrylic, pastel, Genesis paints, beads, bullion metal thread, foamiran, «cold porcelain», leather, fabric, etc.). A significant part of the presented in this volume techniques, I have developed myself.

Together we will make amber jewelry, cakes, flowers, a masquerade mask; a fashionable hat with feathers; a crocodile leather handbag, a beaded bag, wings from silk and paper-mâché; flowers from «cold porcelain» and foamiran, and many more.

In addition, I will teach you to decorate stands and to securely fix dolls on them.

You will learn how to achieve a stylistic unity between accessories and a doll and how to arrange additional elements in the composition harmoniously.

This volume contains 621 step-by-step photos.

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