Sculpture, part one – The head

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This is the second volume from the full course Private Lessons by Elena Kunin. To make it easier for you to navigate among the large amount of information, I have divided this volume into 5 parts. The first part is devoted to facial expressions, while the second part discusses the basic differences between male and female heads. In the third and fourth part I will talk about general principles and the steps to take when sculpting arms and legs. Together with me you will sculpt the hands of a young woman, an old woman and a troll – realistic, character and grotesque dolls respectively, and both young and old.
You will learn to sculpt bare feet and shoes from polymer clay, imitating different textures.
In addition, you will learn:

  • How to sculpt hands that are holding any kind of object.
  • How to sculpt a hand in a glove.
  • How to sculpt hands that are holding a particular object
  • How to make fingernails in different ways.
  • How to bake hands of a complex shape.
  • How to make legs for a doll sitting or standing in various positions.
  • How to sculpt shoes with a high heel and with a wedge heel.
  • How to sculpt the feet for shoes we will make later from a different material (leather, fabric, etc.)The last part comprises technical advice and a list of most common mistakes that beginning doll-makers make.
    The volume includes 4 videos and 344 photographs.This ebook is in pdf format and you will be able to open it on any device with Adobe Acrobat Reader
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