Sculpture, part two – Hands and feet. Mimics

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340 photos and 4 videos demonstrate all the stages of sculpting. In this part, I explain how to sculpt three different heads – a classical girl, an old character woman, and a sad troll – in three different ways. The heads themselves are roughly the same in terms of complexity, but the sculpting principles are different. The first head is sculptured using a classical technique, which is the most complicated. To sculpt the two other heads, I recommend techniques that will make your work much easier. All videos were shot in one take, without editing, so there are no jarring transitions from barely-sketched details to complete dolls. You will see how it’s all done in real life. Since proportions cause the greatest difficulties for beginning doll-makers (especially those who have no formal art education), I have developed a special modular system. Using this system makes working on proportions easy and clear. In addition, you will learn:

  • How to choose the most suitable material and the optimal size for your doll
  • What polymer clay is the best and how to work with it
  • How to clean the sculpture surface
  • How to make the surface of the sculpture smooth
  • How to properly bake polymer clay
  • How to bake it repeatedly
  • How to change the structure of polymer clay using different ways of baking
  • How to fix baking defects (cracks, plaques), although Living Doll almost never cracks or develops plaques if properly baked
  • How to use proportions to make a doll realistic, conventional, character-based, or grotesque
  • A particular chapter is devoted to finding and correcting mistakes in your work.

This ebook is in pdf format and you will be able to open it on any device with Adobe Acrobat Reader

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